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  • February Mentor in the Spotlight: Leigh Sturges

    CAP Mentor at: Bozeman High School Leigh Sturges Mentor for: 5 years! Leigh and Jalen have been matched together since 2015. The two of them have formed a friendship built on positivity and support. Leigh shows up to each meeting ready to be present, and each week makes Jalen feel seen and heard. When asked…

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  • January Mentor in the Spotlight: Dan Haydon

    CAP Mentor at: Chief Joseph Middle School Dan Haydon Mentor for: 6 years! Dan has been a CAP Mentor for the same student for 6 years! He and his CAP Student like to take walks around the school to talk about friends, family, and dirt bikes! Over the years, Dan has gotten to know his…

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  • December Mentors in the Spotlight: John Backes & Judie Moor

    CAP Mentor at: Hyalite John Backes Mentor for: 2 years!    John has been with his CAP Student for two years. John has a long history of volunteering and working with children. Before he moved to Bozeman from Seattle he participated in Big Brothers, Big Sisters and other school-based volunteer programs.  Although John says he…

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  • November Mentor in the Spotlight: Tara Bailey

    CAP Mentor at: Hawthorne Tara Bailey Mentor for: 5 years!   Tara brings so much enthusiasm and creativity to the CAP program. She is in her 5th year with her Mentee and no two meet-ups are the same. They love playing games, making books, doing research on projects they can do together and most importantly…

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  • CAP Mentor of the Year: Kippy Sands

    Congratulations to the 2019 Mentor of the Year: Kippy Sands Mentor for: 15 Years!   Kippy has been an absolutely incredible support to our community throughout the 15 years (!) she has been a CAP Mentor. We love and appreciate her dedication to the program. She currently mentors 3 children, all at separate times so they…

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