Parent Liaison

Building a bridge between the home and school.

What is a Parent Liaison?

Parent Liaisons (PLs) and Thrive Liaisons (TLs) are professionals who work in the schools and facilitate parenting classes, connect parents to community resources and support parent-teacher collaboration.

Did you know? There is now a Parent Liaison (middle schools)  or Thrive Liaison (elementary schools) in all K-8 schools in the Bozeman School District and every elementary school in Sheridan's public school system! Connect with the PL/TL at your child's school today.

What do Parent Liaisons do?

Parent Liaisons are professionals who work in the schools and build a bridge between the home and school, so that children are set up for success. If you need to talk to someone about parenting, are wondering about resources in town or are concerned about your child's academics, the Parent Liaison in your child's school is there to help.

By The Numbers:

Bozeman Families
Supported in 2017-2018
of parents saw improvement in their ability to problem solve within their school after working with their Liaison.
participated in parent education classes in 2017-2018

 What can a Parent Liaison do for you?

  • Do you have a question about the school and don't know who to ask?
  • Wondering about activities or resources in town?
  • New to town or starting at a new school?
  • Concerned about your child's academics, social skills, or other school issues?
  • Need someone to talk to about parenting?
  • Want to know what is normal behavior for your child's stage of development?
  • Interested in taking a Parenting with Love and Logic course?

Have these questions or need help with something else?

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What We Offer

Thriving Parents Classes

Six-week workshops for families who want to revolutionize their parenting and enjoy being a parent.

Thriving Transitions

Help your child ace the transition to Kindergarten, 3rd, 6th, or 9th grades in these signature workshops.

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Meet Your School's Parent Liaison

  • Portrait of Betsy Pufahl

    Betsy Pufahl

    Parent Liaison - Chief Joseph Middle School

  • Portrait of Mayra Domínguez Lindberg

    Mayra Domínguez Lindberg

    Spanish Speaking PL

  • Portrait of Ashley Mares Jones

    Ashley Mares Jones

    Parent Liaison - Sacajawea Middle School

  • Portrait of Kaylee Triemstra-Gonzalez

    Kaylee Triemstra-Gonzalez

    Thrive Liaison - Irving Elementary School

  • Portrait of Rachel Brown

    Rachel Brown

    Thrive Liaison - Emily Dickinson Elementary School

  • Portrait of Elizabeth Stewart

    Elizabeth Stewart

    Thrive Liaison - Longfellow Elementary School

  • Portrait of Ann Swann

    Ann Swann

    Thrive Liaison - Meadowlark Elementary School

  • Portrait of Ann Polus

    Ann Polus

    Thrive Liaison - Hawthorne Elementary School

  • Portrait of Julie Kleine

    Julie Kleine

    Thrive Liaison - Morning Star Elementary School

  • Portrait of Katie Arnold

    Katie Arnold

    Thrive Liaison - Whittier Elementary School

  • Portrait of Libby Hansen

    Libby Hansen

    Thrive Liaison - Hyalite Elementary School

Parent Liaison Success Stories

"The Parent Liaison gave me strategies to help resolve problems and maintain and strengthen my relationship with my kids. And helped me communicate with teachers.”


“[My Parent Liaison] helped me find childcare options in our area, she helped me with presents for my child for Christmas and she helped us with keeping my daughter in Gymnastics. She talked with me when I was frustrated and listened when I needed a friend.”


"[Our Parent Liaison] Ashley has been part of our lives for 9 years now. I cannot express how much she has helped our family with everything, small to large. So patient and understanding. Kind, generous, I could keep going. To have someone in your life for that long is a blessing. She seeks me out at the beginning of school just to check and see how the summer was and to jump right in to help in any way."


The Parent Liaison was able to listen to parents. It really helped them realize that we are all a team at ur school looking out for our children.


“The Parent Liaison did a fantastic job of contacting and successfully communicating with parents who had difficulty returning phone calls and emails. It was so great to have another level of support to try to get there parents to participate in their child's education”


Parent Liaison Program Sponsors

Thrive as an organization would not exist without the generous support of many individuals and partners who donate their time, materials and energy to this cause. Here are a few local businesses that continue to deserve our gratitude.