Monthly Giving

Invest in your community & strengthen it from the ground up.

When Families are strong & kids succeed, communities thrive.


At Thrive, our proactive approach is dedicated to guaranteeing the success of every child, regardless of their circumstances. When you contribute to Thrive, you play a direct role in positively impacting the lives of children and families in our region. Thrive has been a critical school and family partner in the Gallatin Valley and beyond for almost 40 years. Whether you are working hard to make ends meet, or are flush with resources- parenting is challenging and ever-evolving. From home visiting programs to courses on parenting in a technology- driven world, Thrive has the goal of supporting YOU so that your family unit can Thrive, and our community can flourish.

Your tax-deductible gift allows us to support any family with any need.

Support our Annual Operating Fund- Campaign in Process

Literacy is a basic need.
Mentoring and increased school & family engagement lead to a brighter future.
Broadening the support network increases feelings of connectedness.
Join us in supporting our annual operating fund which allows us to serve this community.

Give Monthly

Make a lasting difference by joining our Monthly Giving program. Monthly giving provides us with a consistent and reliable source of income. It allows us to plan and execute our programs and initiatives effectively, knowing that we have a steady stream of support throughout the year. Even small monthly contributions can add up to a substantial amount over time. Your modest monthly gift can collectively make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families we serve. You'll also receive special benefits like exclusive reports, updates on your ongoing impact in our community, and more. Donate today to support our cause!

When making a contribution through your Donor Advised Fund, please request that your name and address be included in the correspondence. Please use the following information:

Thrive (Tax ID: 36-3501185)
407 S. Ferguson
Bozeman, MT 59718