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Become a CAP mentor for the 2022-2023 school year

In just one hour a week, as a Child Advancement Project (CAP) mentor you can help a child believe in themselves. Join our community of over 500 students and professionals invested in local children.

Already a CAP mentor?

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What is the Child Advancement Project?

The Child Advancement Project (CAP) matches adult volunteers from the community with children in Bozeman and Big Sky Public Schools.

These mentors work one-on-one with students in grades preK-12 to provide support and encouragement. Mentors help students discover and build upon their individual strengths, and affirm students' ability to shape their own futures.

CAP mentors are screened, trained and supervised by professional CAP Coordinators, establishing a community of volunteers who are engaged in the local school system and invested in the future of their community.

Each year, over 500 community members spend an hour a week working towards a common cause: helping local kids in the Gallatin Valley reach their full potential.

Get Involved with CAP

For Parents

Contact your school's CAP Coordinator, learn about how CAP can support your child or nominate your child for a CAP mentorship.

Volunteer as a CAP Mentor

Each year, over 500 Gallatin Valley residents donate an hour a week to a child in need. Join our team of dedicated volunteers.

CAP Mentor in the Spotlight

Each month we feature one of our many volunteers who donate their time and talent to the CAP program. Check out this month's Mentor in the Spotlight!

By the Numbers

Mentored in 2018-2019 School Year
of Teachers said CAP helped students reach their goals
of CAP Students are exceeding District benchmarks for reading growth
Volunteered in 2018-2019

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Drop us a line today and a CAP staff member will get you started.

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Meet your School's CAP Coordinator

  • Portrait of Lindsey Herring

    Lindsey Herring

    CAP Coordinator - Big Sky School District

  • Portrait of Andrea Lawrence

    Andrea Lawrence

    CAP Coordinator - CJMS & GHS

  • Portrait of Ashley Myers

    Ashley Myers

    CAP Coordinator - SMS & BHS

  • Portrait of Kaylee Triemstra-Gonzalez

    Kaylee Triemstra-Gonzalez

    Thrive Liaison - Irving Elementary School

  • Portrait of Rachel Brown

    Rachel Brown

    Thrive Liaison - Emily Dickinson Elementary School

  • Portrait of Elizabeth Stewart

    Elizabeth Stewart

    Thrive Liaison - Longfellow Elementary School

  • Portrait of Ann Swann

    Ann Swann

    Thrive Liaison - Meadowlark Elementary School

  • Portrait of Ann Polus

    Ann Polus

    Thrive Liaison - Hawthorne Elementary School

  • Portrait of Julie Kleine

    Julie Kleine

    Thrive Liaison - Morning Star Elementary School

  • Portrait of Katie Arnold

    Katie Arnold

    Thrive Liaison - Whittier Elementary School

  • Portrait of Libby Hansen

    Libby Hansen

    Thrive Liaison - Hyalite Elementary School

Our generous CAP sponsors

Thrive as an organization would not exist without the generous support of many individuals and partners who donate their time, materials and energy to this cause. Here are a few local businesses that continue to deserve our gratitude.