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  • June Mentor in the Spotlight: Meghan Costle

    CAP Mentor at: Morning Star Elementary CAP Mentor for: 5 years! Meghan has been with her CAP Student for 5 years! They started their CAP Match when he was in kindergarten. Meghan is an incredibly dependable and supportive Mentor. She knows her student well and together they tackle a lot of school work and have…

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  • May Mentors in the Spotlight: Ellie Van Dyke & Emilie Saunders

    Ellie Van Dyke CAP Mentor at: Chief Joseph Middle School CAP Mentor for: 7 years! Ellie is absolutely fabulous! She’s got such a good spirit and always comes in with a great attitude. Her student completely adores her and they have been a CAP Match for 7 years! For a Mentor who is so young,…

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  • March Mentor in the Spotlight: Susan Dawson

    CAP Mentor at: Morning Star Elementary CAP Mentor for: 3 years! Susan has been mentoring her same CAP Student for 3 years! During that time, Susan has built a close, caring, and supportive relationship with her CAP Student. Together, they have created projects such as: a birthday cake that looks like a dog (!), and…

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  • February Mentor in the Spotlight: Ann Dickensheets

    CAP Mentor at: Irving School CAP Mentor for: 5 years! Ann is truly the CAP Mentor that every child should have. After 2 years of previous CAP Mentoring experience, Ann has been with her current CAP Student for 3 years, changing schools this year just to be able to stay matched with her student! Ann…

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  • January Mentor in the Spotlight 2: Krista Dicomitis

    CAP Mentor at: Bozeman High School CAP Match for: 2 years! Krista is one of those mentors that makes a big difference in her student’s life.  She is dependable, caring, and influential.  She is always prepared for her hour with her student and makes the most of it!  Last week she even brought in her own…

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