We know times are tough right now for all families and children. Thrive is working harder than ever to ensure families have access to resources, their basic needs met, access to mental health and support
in their child's remote education.

We have been very active connecting with the families we serve and their needs continue to grow by the day.  The 1st grader who needs internet access to continue learning how to read. The parent who was laid off and is unsure how to pay the bills. The single young mom with post-partum depression isolated with her 8 week old baby unable to leave her house.  The parents juggling 3 different children's schedules while trying to work from home.

These are stories we all know too well right now. 

We are so grateful that you are willing to shine your light on our community. Thrive is a 501(c)3, Tax ID is 36-3501185

Your generous gift during this critical time will make life
a little easier for a local child or family. 

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With supporters like you by our side, Thrive currently impacts over 7,000 children and parents every year. But we’re not done yet. Our goal is for every child and family in our community to have the support, mentoring and education they need to be successful. We need your help to make that happen!

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Make a lasting difference by joining our Monthly Giving program. By signing up, you provide reliable, consistent support to local kids. You'll also receive special benefits like exclusive reports, Thrive SWAG, updates on your ongoing impact in our community, and more. Donate today to support our cause!

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When someone sells stocks, it can be taxed at over 37% of the value. That means more than a third of the money from the shares is going to the government. Even if the stocks were sold to make a donation, the money spent on taxes is gone forever and can't be used by the donor or the charity. Make your stock go further and donate it to Thrive!

Email us at thrive@allthrive.org and we can get you the information you need!

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