What has personal connection meant to you these past two years?

For Adessa & so many kids, it's been everything.

CAP creates 600+ meaningful relationships annually that kids relied on every week during this pandemic. During a time of isolation, fear and reduced socialization CAP was able to keep kids connected to the school community. CAP has been proven to increase school connectedness and attendance which are key indicators of success. 


"CAP was more beneficial to kids this year than ever before"

Bozeman Teacher, 2020

Linda and Adessa: A CAP Mentorship Story

Adessa has been matched with her CAP mentor Linda for 5 years. Linda was a teacher at Longfellow Elementary School for 38 years, the school in which her mother, husband, and daughter all attended as well. Linda had a son with Down Syndrome who passed away so she said meeting Adessa was "meant to be."

Linda loves art so when she and Adessa started meeting they began a journal. Each time they met over the past 5 years they created an entry, sometimes it was drawing or painting a picture, writing a story, journaling about what they do together. "Adessa has grown up so much in the past 5 years, I love her, and her family has become my family," Linda said. "She makes me smile and I've never missed a meeting with her in the 5 years we have been together. Adessa will always be in my life, we were meant to be together."


The need to grow continues...

For the past 5 years CAP has had a waiting list for mentors at every school in Bozeman.

Thrive plans to expand CAP to serve 10% of each Bozeman schools' population. We need to raise $125k through this campaign to add at least an additional 100 matches over the next two school years to meet the increasing need.

Why Thrive CAP Mentoring?

Kids with mentors are...


Less likely than their peers to skip a day of school
more likely to hold leadership positions
more likely to volunteer regularly
less likely than their peers to start using drugs

Your generous gift during this critical time will make life
a little easier for a local child or family. 

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