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Your generous gift during this critical time will help Thrive directly impact the lives of kids and families in our region. Thank you for being part of the solution!

Does your Company or Employer Match Donations?

Make a Stock Donation

When someone sells stocks, they can be taxed at over 37% of the value. That means more than a third of the money from the shares is going to the government. Even if the stocks were sold to make a donation, the money spent on taxes is gone forever and can't be used by the donor or the charity. Make your stock go further and donate it to Thrive!

Email us at thrive@allthrive.org and we can get you the information you need!

Donor Advised Fund Donations

Do you have a Donor Advised Fund? Consider donating from your Advisor Fund today!

Donate through Montana Shares

Thrive is a member of Montana Shares, a statewide federated workplace giving campaign in which employees in Montana that work at state, federal, and numerous other private employers can donate via this program.

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