January Mentors in the Spotlight

Each month we honor mentors who go above and beyond. This month we are excited to announce that Liz Reeve (Meadowlark Elementary) and Lauren Brendel (Hawthorne Elementary), are our January Mentors in the Spotlight!  Congratulations, Liz and Lauren!

CAP Mentor:

Liz Reeve – Meadowlark Elementary

Liz Reeve, January CAP Mentor in the Spotlight, smiles and holds her certificate.

Meadowlark is incredibly lucky to have Liz as one of our remarkable CAP mentors.  Each week Liz is ready to share her big smile and wonderful crafting skills with her student.  Together with her mentee, they create beautiful works of art, share lots of laughs and build confidence in themselves through the activities they share.  A match that started virtually during 2020, now in its third year, has blossomed and continues to grow each week because of Liz’s commitment to being present for her student.  Thank you, Liz, for sharing your joyous spirit and positive attitude!2 handmade painted pots with cacti

This is a craft Liz and her mentee did together. They poured the planters, painted, and planted the plants. This is just one example of the many fun things they do as a team!

CAP Mentor:

Lauren Brendel – Hawthorne Elementary

Lauren Brendel, January CAP Mentor in the Spotlight, smiles and holds her certificate.

Lauren’s tireless dedication to Thrive as a current Board Member and steadfast support as a CAP mentor make her an easy choice for this award. She so graciously transitioned to working with a new student last year when her prior mentee outgrew the program. Since their first meeting, Lauren has supported her mentee’s goal to foster a love of reading by selecting special books from the library together and enjoying lunch while embarking on a literary adventure. As an avid reader herself, her passion for the magic of reading has been contagious. She is always in tune with her mentee’s needs and energy…being a willing participant in elaborate lego structures, a game of four-square outside, or a creative art project. Her mentee shares that she has so much fun with Lauren and their meetings are the highlight of her week, helping to normalize and support her self-image. Thank you, Lauren, for bringing your shining smile and energy into our day!