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  • December Mentors in the Spotlight: John Backes & Judie Moor

    CAP Mentor at: Hyalite John Backes Mentor for: 2 years!    John has been with his CAP Student for two years. John has a long history of volunteering and working with children. Before he moved to Bozeman from Seattle he participated in Big Brothers, Big Sisters and other school-based volunteer programs.  Although John says he…

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  • November Mentor in the Spotlight: Tara Bailey

    CAP Mentor at: Hawthorne Tara Bailey Mentor for: 5 years!   Tara brings so much enthusiasm and creativity to the CAP program. She is in her 5th year with her Mentee and no two meet-ups are the same. They love playing games, making books, doing research on projects they can do together and most importantly…

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  • CAP Mentor of the Year: Kippy Sands

    Congratulations to the 2019 Mentor of the Year: Kippy Sands Mentor for: 15 Years!   Kippy has been an absolutely incredible support to our community throughout the 15 years (!) she has been a CAP Mentor. We love and appreciate her dedication to the program. She currently mentors 3 children, all at separate times so they…

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  • May Mentors in the Spotlight: Molly Cech & Ashley Bickerstaff

    CAP Mentor at: Hawthorne Molly Cech Mentor for: 7 years! Molly Cech has been a CAP Mentor for 7 years — aka, most of her adult life. Molly has mentored three different students at Hawthorne school, one of them from 1st through 5th grade. Molly has built some wonderful relationships with her students. She comes…

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  • April Mentor in the Spotlight: Wyatt Frank

    CAP Mentor at: Bozeman High School Wyatt Frank Mentor for: 1 year!   This is Wyatt’s first year mentoring and we are so lucky to have him as a CAP Mentor.  Wyatt is one of the most caring people his CAP Coordinator has ever met! He is an amazing Mentor and always shows up to…

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