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  • Mentor in the Spotlight April: Mikaela Durham

    CAP Mentor for: 5 years!! What CAP Coordinators say: It’s a joy to be your CAP Coordinator. I’m so pleased that your student has had you in his life all these years. You have made such a difference and that is a gift that will have lasting benefits. You have been a dedicated friend and…

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  • Mentor in the Spotlight March: Dan Haydon

    CAP Mentor for…: 2 years What CAP Coordinators say: “Dan – you were meant to be a mentor! I am constantly impressed with the different activities you come up with each week. I also really appreciate the fact that you never know how your activity will go over, and you are very flexible and understanding…

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  • Mentor in the Spotlight February: Sawyer Kesselheim

    Sawyer Kesselheim Mentor in the Spotlight CAP Mentor for…: 5 years What CAP Coordinators say: “Sawyer, you are a fantastic mentor! Thank you for your years of volunteer hours that have made an amazing, positive impact on your student. The CAP program has such a great appreciation for all that you do!” What the school…

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  • January Mentor in the Spotlight: Dennis Treut

    CAP Mentor for…: 4 years (!) What CAP Coordinators say: “I am continually impressed with Dennis’ patience and abundance of support that he gives to his student.” What teacher’s say: “Dennis has become a incredibly important part of his CAP student’s week. His student looks forward to meeting with Dennis because he can count on…

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