January Mentor in the Spotlight: Tyler Fagenstrom and Brenda Huckert

CAP Mentor:

Tyler Fagenstrom

Tyler Fagenstrom is a CAP Mentor in the Spotlight for January 2022! Tyler and his match, have been together since the student was in first grade. As a current fifth-grader, the student noticed that having a person who has come consistently and been a part of his life for so long, means that they have an easy time connecting after long breaks like the summertime. They love to joke around, play games, and talk about important things, like the student’s tribe and American Indian heritage.

Tyler shows up on a consistent basis and is a great communicator. He has an easy-going personality and is willing to make his time student-centered, and is focused on supporting his match in being his best version of himself.

The CAP program is so fortunate to have Tyler- we appreciate and honor you, Tyler!

CAP Mentor:

Brenda Huckert

Brenda Huckert is a wonderful CAP mentor to her mentee. They are in their fourth school year together and continue to grow and learn with each week together for CAP.

Every visit Brenda comes prepared, bringing art activities that she knows her student will enjoy or fun games to play. Sometimes they just talk about the things that are on her student’s mind. Brenda does a great job of helping her student navigate some of the big emotions that come up in a way that helps her student to move forward in a positive way. Brenda does an incredible job of providing boundaries with love and empathy.

Brenda’s CAP student knows that through tough times or good ones, Brenda is in her corner. We are so thankful for her time, energy, and love for her CAP student. Thanks, Brenda!