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A Model for Success

MSU photo by Sepp Jannotta

Strong Families


Jun 20, 2015, Belgrade, Montana, USA. during the Thrive Girls On the Run 5k run in River Rock development. Mandatory Credit: Paul

Successful Children



Our Thriving Community

Thrive is a community-based organization established in 1986. Each year Thrive serves over 7,000 parents, children and community members through our five signature programs.

Thrive provides mentoring, education and support for children and families, so that everyone in our community has the tools they need to be successful. Our proven programs have been developed using evidence-based practices, adapted to meet local community needs, and rigorously evaluated to ensure program efficacy.

Thrive has developed critical community partnerships built on sharing design, implementation, management, evaluation, financial resources, and responsibilities for programs. This approach, which has the success of the child at its center, results in the highest quality services, maximizes scarce resources, and has a powerful impact on outcomes for children.

April Mentor in the Spotlight: Becky Imberi

By Anna Redbond | April 4, 2017

CAP Mentor at Chief Joseph Middle School CAP Match for Three Years What her student says: She’s very kind. Becky’s the best CAP pal ever. It’s very fun being with her! What her CAP Coordinator says: Becky, it is such a pleasure working with you! You always come in with such a great attitude, and…

March Mentor in the Spotlight: Hilary Johnson

By Anna Redbond | March 6, 2017

CAP Mentor at Hyalite Elementary School First year as a CAP match What her CAP Coordinator says: Congratulations on being one of our March 2017 Mentors in the Spotlight! We appreciate your commitment to your student and the CAP Program. Thank you for your dedication; not only are you a wonderful academic support for your CAP…

March Mentor in the Spotlight: Mike Davis

By Anna Redbond | March 3, 2017

CAP Mentor at Bozeman High School CAP Match for: 5 years What his student says: My CAP Mentor is one of the best mentors you can get. He always shows up whenever he can. He does a great job of helping me with my homework and if he doesn’t know how to do something, he…

February Mentor in the Spotlight: Jenny Sheets

By Anna Redbond | February 1, 2017

CAP Mentor at Sacajawea Middle School CAP match for: 3 years   What CAP Coordinators say: Jenny, congratulations on being our January mentor in the spotlight!  I so enjoy catching up with you and your CAP student each Monday.  You are so sweet and patient.  Each time I check in, you have a big project…

January Mentor in the Spotlight: Gerrie Mohr

By Anna Redbond | January 10, 2017

CAP Mentor at Morning Star Elementary School CAP match: for 5 years What CAP Coordinator’s say: Gerrie, congratulations on being our January 2017 Mentor in the Spotlight! We appreciate your commitment to your student and our CAP Program.  You have shown such dedication to and care for your mentee and it is fun to see…

October Thriver of the Month: Molly Cech

By Anna Redbond | October 13, 2016

What Thrivers say: “I saw Molly’s tenacity as a young girl in Girls for a Change. I could tell from early on how smart, capable, and independent she was. She always had something important to say and was able to be such a leader in the group. Then, lucky us, we had the opportunity to…

CAP Success Story: Jim & James

By Anna Redbond | August 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

I want you to take a moment and picture being James. James is nine years old, and he is in third grade.  He is like many children his age: let’s say his favorite book is James and Giant Peach, his favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and he has recently decided that he wants to…

Partnership Success Story: Chenona and Angel

By Anna Redbond | August 19, 2016

Deciding between feeding your baby or paying your rent is a choice that no one ever imagines having to make. Yet this was exactly the position that Chenona found herself in two years ago. With no job or support system, Chenona’s unexpected pregnancy complicated a situation that already seemed impossible. Chenona couldn’t meet her own…

Partnership Success Story: Jamie and Aveah

By Anna Redbond | August 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

Jamie became pregnant with her daughter Aveah when she was just fifteen. Things were not looking good for the young mother. Then she was referred to Thrive’s Partnership Project. With coaching from her Thrive Family Support Worker, Jamie accessed valuable resources: she signed up for WIC, got her driver’s license, began advancing her education, and…

Partnership Success Story: Leslie and Aaliyah

By Anna Redbond | August 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hi, my name is Leslie. I want you to all do me a favor. Imagine me… a 17- year-old girl attending Bridger Alternative High School in Bozeman, Montana. I am having an extremely difficult time balancing school, working 30 hours a week at a job, trying to hold onto a damaged relationship with my boyfriend,…

Our Core Values

Our five programs are designed around our core beliefs

Early Start

The road to success begins in the earliest years with children who are born healthy and raised in stable, safe and nurturing families.

Strong Foundation

Healthy child development is the foundation for community and economic development.

Prevention is Key

Creating the right conditions for early growth and development are more effective and less costly than addressing problems that develop later.

Holistic Approach

Children live in the context of their families, and services are most effective when they focus on the entire family rather than the child alone.

Working Together

We can best create positive outcomes for children when systems, organizations and communities work collaboratively to support families and children.

Building Community

When families are strong, children are successful and communities thrive.

Our History

  • 1986
        • Thrive is founded

          Thrive (formally called Prevent Child Abuse, Inc.) is formally established for the purpose of developing and coordinating services and programs that prevent child abuse and neglect in our community.

  • 1989
        • CAP Match

          Jan. 1st, 1989

          Child Advancement Project

          Thrive designs and implements the award-winning Child Advancement Project — an in-school mentoring program available in all elementary, middle and high schools in Bozeman.

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  • 1994
        • thrive-March13-23WEB

          Jan. 1st, 1994

          Parent Liaison launched

          In partnership with our local school district, we began to provide Parent Liaison services in all elementary and middle schools in the district. Parent Liaisons act as a link between the home and school to ensure strong communication and relationship building that promotes the common goal: successful students.

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  • 1995
        • Parntership Baby

          Jan. 1st, 1995

          Partnership Project launches

          Thrive partners with other local agencies to provide intensive in-home prevention services to very high-risk families through the “Partnership to Strengthen Families” project.

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  • 1997
        • Jan. 1st, 1997

          Parent Place opens it's doors in Bozeman

          Thrive opened the Bozeman Parent Place Family Resource Center, a comfortable and non-threatening environment with parenting literature and videos, computer and internet access, parenting classes, support groups and play groups available to all parents in our community.

  • 2006
        • October 2006

          Belgrade, MT Parent Place opens

          Thrive opens the Belgrade Parent Place Family Resource Center providing the same environment, support groups and classes as the Bozeman center.