Thriving Series

Practical advice for positive transitions

Join families to learn more about the transition into Kindergarten, Third, Sixth or Ninth grade. Now available at all Bozeman public schools.

What is the Thriving Series?

The Thriving Series are free workshops put on by Thrive, in collaboration with Bozeman Schools for parents and their children. They provide information and strategies for parents so they know what they can do to ensure their child’s school success during the transition into kindergarten, middle school, or high school. Topics cover age appropriate child development, building a strong learning environment, raising responsible kids, setting high expectations and clear boundaries.

What to expect from a Thriving Series Workshop:

  • Learn tips for partnering with the school to help your child succeed.
  • Develop ideas for a positive home learning environment.
  • Meet and get to know other parents in your school.
  • Talk about normal range of development for your child's age.
  • Discuss expectations for the school year with parents, teachers, administrators, and your Thrive Parent Liaison.

Presented by: The Thrive Parent Liaison at your school

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