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  • November Thriver of the Month: Libby Hansen

    What Thrivers say about our Thriver of the month, Libby:  “Libby is pretty much the best. Not only is the funniest Thriver around she is also a super hard worker who always seems willing to step up on take on extra responsibilities. Most recently Libby volunteered to coach a GOTR team, offer an extra workshop…

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  • March Thriver of the Month: Lori Swenson

     What Thrivers say about our Thriver of the Month: “I would like to formally nominate Lori Swenson for Thriver of the Month. As a Parent Liaison in Big Sky, Lori has brought tremendous skill, expertise and professionalism to her role. In addition to being a PL, Lori is an Occupational Therapist. As an OT, Lori…

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  • February Thriver of the Month: Greta Moore

    What Thrivers say: “Greta is an amazing person with the ability to connect with so many different people. Greta genuinely cares for all the people she encounters in her work: the students, mentors and teachers. She always has a smile and the time to ask how someone is doing. I have seen her sit with…

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  • January Thriver of the Month: Jess Feltner

    What Thrivers say: “Jess has taken on so much in her role with Parent Programs. She is such a dynamic team member, bouncing from Parent Liaison to Partnership, and always looking for ways to support Thrive as a whole.” “Jess has been a wonderful Thriver! She is willing to help with any task and is…

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  • December Thriver of the Month: Amanda Edwards

    What Thrivers say: “Amanda has seamlessly integrated herself into her new Thrive family through her kindness, generosity, work ethic and cheerful spirit. If Amanda ever has any bad days, it seems that her Thrivers will be the last ones to know. She consistently greets staff, volunteers, and community members with a sincere smile and a kind…

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