Meet Our Thrive Team

Thrive currently employs over 35 Montana residents, and benefits from the expertise of 12 dedicated Board Members.

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Senior Leadership Team

  • Portrait of Carrie Gilbertson

    Carrie Gilbertson

    Executive Director

  • Portrait of Brittany Peters

    Brittany Peters

    Director of Operations

Management Team

  • Portrait of Cindy Ballew

    Cindy Ballew

    Parent Programs Manager

  • Portrait of Steve Wellington

    Steve Wellington

    Parent Liaison Projects Coordinator

  • Portrait of Maria Malloy

    Maria Malloy

    Youth Programs Manager

Administrative Team

  • Portrait of Merrilee Glover

    Merrilee Glover

    Staff Accountant

  • Portrait of Maura Riley

    Maura Riley

    Programs Assistant

  • Portrait of Chris Gianuario

    Chris Gianuario

    Office Coordinator

Marketing and Development

  • Portrait of Vanessa Skelton

    Vanessa Skelton

    Major Gifts Officer

  • Portrait of Brittany Eilers

    Brittany Eilers

    Business Partnerships Officer

  • Portrait of Sara Bradford

    Sara Bradford

    Grants Officer

  • Portrait of Molly Cech

    Molly Cech

    Events Coordinator

  • Portrait of Chris Cisneros

    Chris Cisneros

    Development & Events Assistant

  • Portrait of Nichole Meeks

    Nichole Meeks

    Content Coordinator

Our Youth Programs

The Child Advancement Project (CAP) Team

  • Portrait of Melissa Steinhauer

    Melissa Steinhauer

    CAP Coordinator - Sacajawea Middle School

  • Portrait of Julie Grimm-Lisk

    Julie Grimm-Lisk

    CAP Coordinator - Big Sky School District

  • Portrait of Dale Dominick

    Dale Dominick

    CAP Coordinator - Longfellow Elementary School

  • Portrait of Makenzie Quinn

    Makenzie Quinn

    CAP Coordinator - Bozeman High School

  • Portrait of Alex Opie

    Alex Opie

    CAP Coordinator - Chief Joseph Middle School & Whittier Elementary School

  • Portrait of Julia DeLozier

    Julia DeLozier

    CAP Coordinator - Hyalite & Hawthorne Elementary Schools

  • Portrait of Erin Tope

    Erin Tope

    CAP Coordinator - Emily Dickinson & Meadowlark Schools

  • Portrait of Becky Hodgson

    Becky Hodgson

    CAP Coordinator - Irving & Morning Star Elementary Schools

The Girls for a Change Team

  • Portrait of Greta Moore

    Greta Moore

    Girls for a Change Program Coordinator

Our Parent Programs

The Parent Place Team

  • Portrait of Jai Anderson

    Jai Anderson

    Parent Educator

The Partnership Project Team

  • Portrait of Shaina Chepulis

    Shaina Chepulis

    Family Support Worker

  • Portrait of Stephanie Hill

    Stephanie Hill

    Family Support Worker

  • Portrait of Justin Connor

    Justin Connor

    Family Support Worker

  • Portrait of Hanna Doil

    Hanna Doil

    Family Support Worker

The Parent Liaison Team

  • Portrait of Debra DeBode

    Debra DeBode

    Parent Liaison - Longfellow and Hawthorne Elementary Schools

  • Portrait of Annemarie DuBois

    Annemarie DuBois

    Parent Liaison - Hyalite and Irving Elementary Schools

  • Portrait of Ashley Mares Jones

    Ashley Mares Jones

    Parent Liaison - Sacajawea Middle School

  • Portrait of Jessica Lenneman

    Jessica Lenneman

    Parent Liaison - Meadowlark Elementary School

  • Portrait of Katie Arnold

    Katie Arnold

    Parent Liaison - Bozeman High School

  • Portrait of Libby Hansen

    Libby Hansen

    Parent Liaison - Morning Star Elementary and Sacajawea Middle

  • Portrait of Lori Swenson

    Lori Swenson

    Parent Liaison - Big Sky School District

  • Portrait of Lori Van Vleet

    Lori Van Vleet

    Parent Liaison - Chief Joseph Middle School

  • Portrait of Steve Wellington

    Steve Wellington

    Parent Liaison Projects Coordinator

  • Portrait of Vonda Davis

    Vonda Davis

    Parent Liaison - Whittier and Emily Dickinson Elementary Schools

Board of Directors

Thrive's Board of Directors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization. Each board member is a volunteer and commits to serve a 3-year term.

  • Portrait of Janet White

    Janet White

    Board Chair

  • Portrait of Katy Dolesh

    Katy Dolesh


  • Portrait of Chris Gillette

    Chris Gillette

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Bruce Jacobs

    Bruce Jacobs

    Vice Chair

  • Portrait of Jeff Lusin

    Jeff Lusin

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Kali Vergeront

    Kali Vergeront

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Lauren Brendel

    Lauren Brendel

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Carl Neely

    Carl Neely

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Shann Scott

    Shann Scott


  • Portrait of Robin Patterson

    Robin Patterson

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Bert Brandon

    Bert Brandon

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Trish Preheim

    Trish Preheim

    Board member

Thrive Volunteers

Thrive would not exist without the support of our outstanding volunteers. Volunteers work within programs coordinating events, helping participants and providing community outreach.

Volunteer in an orange blazer assists girl at Summit with project.

CAP Mentors

Mentors with the Child Advancement Project commit to working one-on-one with school aged children.

Girls for a Change

Girls for a Change volunteers help with, and run workshops for, our annual Summit.

Girls on the Run

GOTR coaches and running buddies volunteer to help a child achieve their fitness goals in preparation for our annual 5K run.

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