Meet Our Thrive Team

Thrive currently employs 30 Montana residents, and benefits from the expertise of 12 dedicated Board Members.

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Leadership Team

  • Portrait of Virginia Hanson

    Virginia Hanson

    Executive Director

  • Portrait of Brittany Eilers

    Brittany Eilers

    Director of Development

Management Team

  • Portrait of Cindy Ballew

    Cindy Ballew

    Program Manager

  • Portrait of Maria Malloy

    Maria Malloy

    Program Manager

  • Portrait of Lacey Bertram

    Lacey Bertram

    Early Childhood Programs Manager

Administrative Team

  • Portrait of Merrilee Glover

    Merrilee Glover

    Financial Accountant

  • Portrait of Chris Gianuario

    Chris Gianuario

    Operations Administrator

  • Portrait of Chris Cisneros

    Chris Cisneros

    Miscellaneous Coordinator

Marketing and Development

  • Portrait of Gwen Sullivan

    Gwen Sullivan

    Development Coordinator

School-Based Staff

CAP Program Team

Coordinating and supporting Thrive's CAP Mentoring program in Bozeman and Big Sky Public Schools

  • Portrait of Ashley Myers

    Ashley Myers

    CAP Coordinator - SMS & BHS

  • Portrait of Darby May

    Darby May

    CAP Coordinator - GHS & CJMS

  • Portrait of Ramy Mehta

    Ramy Mehta

    CAP Coordinator - Big Sky

  • Portrait of Sophia Fortunato

    Sophia Fortunato

    Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Parent Liaison Team

Supporting parents in Bozeman public elementary and middle schools

  • Portrait of Betsy Pufahl

    Betsy Pufahl

    Parent Liaison - Chief Joseph Middle School

  • Portrait of Mayra Domínguez Lindberg

    Mayra Domínguez Lindberg

    Spanish Speaking PL

  • Portrait of Ashley Mares Jones

    Ashley Mares Jones

    Parent Liaison - Sacajawea Middle School

Thrive Liaison Team

Coordinating Thrive's CAP Mentoring program and supporting parents in all Bozeman public elementary schools

  • Portrait of Elizabeth Stewart

    Elizabeth Stewart

    Thrive Liaison - Longfellow Elementary School

  • Portrait of Kaylee Triemstra-Gonzalez

    Kaylee Triemstra-Gonzalez

    Thrive Liaison - Irving Elementary School

  • Portrait of Andrea Lawrence

    Andrea Lawrence

    Thrive Liaison - Hawthorne Elementary School

  • Portrait of Melissa Stanley

    Melissa Stanley

    Thrive Liaison - Emily Dickinson Elementary School

  • Portrait of Sara Friedman

    Sara Friedman

    Thrive Liaison - Whittier Elementary School

  • Portrait of Kate Lambert

    Kate Lambert

    Thrive Liaison - Saddle Peak Elementary

  • Portrait of Helena Mancey

    Helena Mancey

    Thrive Liaison - Meadowlark Elementary School

  • Portrait of Julie Kleine

    Julie Kleine

    Thrive Liaison - Morning Star Elementary School

  • Portrait of Libby Hansen

    Libby Hansen

    Thrive Liaison - Hyalite Elementary School

Parent Programs

Partnership Project Team

  • Portrait of Shaina Chepulis

    Shaina Chepulis

    Family Support Worker

  • Portrait of Katie Arnold

    Katie Arnold

    Family Support Worker

Board of Directors

Thrive's Board of Directors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization. Each board member is a volunteer and commits to serve a 3-year term.

  • Portrait of Mark Lasswell

    Mark Lasswell


  • Portrait of Lauren Brendel

    Lauren Brendel

    Vice Chair

  • Portrait of Shann Scott

    Shann Scott


  • Portrait of Bailey Evans

    Bailey Evans

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Robin Patterson

    Robin Patterson

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Troy Couture

    Troy Couture

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Alex Dabney

    Alex Dabney

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Aimee Chang

    Aimee Chang

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Maria Ippolito

    Maria Ippolito

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Tim Tripp

    Tim Tripp

    Board Member

  • Portrait of Sarah Hays

    Sarah Hays

    Board Member

Thrive Volunteers

Thrive would not exist without the support of our outstanding volunteers. Volunteers work within programs coordinating events, helping participants and providing community outreach.


CAP Mentors

Mentors with the Child Advancement Project commit to working one-on-one with school aged children.