December Mentor in the Spotlight: Dakota Rouse

dakota rouse holds a certificate


CAP Mentor for a 3rd grader at Meadowlark. 

CAP match for: 2 years!


What our Thrive CAP Coordinators say:

Dakota, I love being your CAP Coordinator!  It makes my day to visit you and your CAP kid. You two are always giggling and having so much fun.  You are making such a positive impact in your student’s life.   You are supportive, a dedicated friend and a top-notch mentor.  We are lucky to have you as a CAP mentor.  Congratulations on being our CAP Mentor in the Spotlight!! Best Wishes! Julie


What parents say:  Dakota truly has been a gift to her student.   It has been so lovely knowing that her student feels her relationship with Dakota is constant, solid, and real.


What her CAP mentee says:

She always comes with a plan and ideas for us.  She is so funny and fun!