March Mentor in the Spotlight: Mike Davis

CAP Mentor at Bozeman High School

CAP Match for: 5 years

mike davis mentor certificate lockers background

What his student says:

My CAP Mentor is one of the best mentors you can get. He always shows up whenever he can. He does a great job of helping me with my homework and if he doesn’t know how to do something, he will re-teach himself so that he can help me. On my birthday he shows up even if it isn’t his day and will get me something. When he went to Chicago for a meeting, he went to a bulls basketball game and got me a new hat. At the beginning of 9th grade he brought me to Feed Cafe and the Coop for breakfast. He is awesome.
What his CAP Coordinator says:
Mike, you are fantastic! I love seeing you and your student each week. You have been such a dedicated mentor for the past five years. You seem to strike the perfect balance between fun and hard work, staying on track and focused and still managing to have time to talk about movie trailers and outdoor adventures. I also appreciate how encouraging you are. You are always helping your student think about his future, find opportunities, and figure out his passions. You build him up and give him confidence to be successful wherever life takes him. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor!