March Mentors in the Spotlight: Chloe Blevins & Tyler Kern

CAP Mentor at: Emily Dickinson Elementary

Chloe Blevins

Mentor for: 2 years!


Chloe is truly a valuable asset to the CAP program, and someone that the both the school staff and her CAP Student depend on. Chloe is honest, incredibly hard-working, and does not shy away from a challenge. Beyond that, she is an impressive communicator who consistently puts her CAP Student at ease. Along with her undeniable talent, Chloe has always been an absolute joy to work with, is a committed volunteer who betters the lives around her, and is determined to finish what she starts. Chloe is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions, and brings the best out of her CAP Student.

CAP Mentor at: Meadowlark Elementary

Tyler Kern

Mentor for: 1 year!

It’s been an absolute joy watching Tyler and his CAP Student’s relationship grow. Tyler is a consistent source of support and encouragement to his CAP Student, and the amount of energy and enthusiasm Tyler brings to each meeting is no small thing. The two of them have become good buds, and his CAP Student says he enjoys the CAP meetings because he feels seen and heard by Tyler.

Thank you Chloe and Tyler for all that you do for our community!