May Mentors in the Spotlight: Molly Cech & Ashley Bickerstaff

CAP Mentor at: Hawthorne

Molly Cech

Mentor for: 7 years!

Molly Cech has been a CAP Mentor for 7 years — aka, most of her adult life. Molly has mentored three different students at Hawthorne school, one of them from 1st through 5th grade. Molly has built some wonderful relationships with her students. She comes up with creative projects as well as explores STEM and any areas of interest her students have.

In addition to being an outstanding mentor, Molly is responsible for putting together some of Thrive’s most successful fundraising events. We are so grateful to Molly on so many levels. Thank you Molly!


CAP Mentor at: Morning Star

Ashley Bickerstaff

Mentor for: 5 years!

Ashley Bickerstaff is in her 5th school year as a cherished CAP Mentor. Ashley mentored the same student for 4 years at Irving and can now be found at Morning Star with her new Mentee. Ashley has the ability to make everyone around her feel loved and special. She is always game for whatever her students are interested in doing or happy to sit and visit. We are so very lucky to have her as a CAP Mentor. Thank you Ashley!