December Mentors in the Spotlight: Steve & Anna Neff

CAP Mentors at: Longfellow Elementary

CAP Mentors for: 2 years!


Husband and wife CAP Mentor duo, Steve and Anna Neff, have each been mentoring a Longfellow student for the past 2 years. Each and every week, Steve and Anna go above and beyond in their creative activities and assistance as CAP Mentors.

Anna brings in books that her sister, a librarian, recommends, as well as fossils and microscopes to study! Anna also helps her CAP Student with academics, when needed. Anna’s Mentee lights up when he sees her every Tuesday morning!

Like Anna, Steve also brings in a microscope for he and his CAP Student to study things under. Steve also frequently brings in dictionaries and alphabet games for his CAP  Student who is learning English, as this is one of their goals for their time together in CAP.  Together Steve and his CAP Student also make art and have a great time every Tuesday!

Thank you for all that you do for your CAP Students and your community, Steve and Anna!