Thrive is on Home Ground Radio with Brian Kahn

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Brian Kahn – Home Ground Radion


Thrive is proud to announce that we have collaborated with Home Ground Radio, and will appear as guests on two segments of the radio show this month.

Home Ground Radio is an award-winning weekly radio program broadcast across the Rocky Mountain west and hosted by Brian Kahn. Home Ground covers topics that are native to Montana, with diverse stories and in-depth conversations about topics that are relevant to our past, present and future. According to their website: “We discuss our most serious personal, political and community values, and our place in the larger world.”

  • Segment 1: Family Engagement will feature an interview with Carrie Hook (Thrive’s Executive Director), Steve Wellington (Thrive’s Special Project Coordinator) and Brian Ayers (Principal of Chief Joseph Middle School, Bozeman). This segment will talk all about family engagement in schools and the future of education.
  • Segment 2: The Power of Mentoring will feature an interview with Sarah Stiff, Thrive’s Youth Programs Manager, Godfrey Saunders (previous Principal of Bozeman High School) and Naquan Williams. Naquan Williams was matched with Godfrey Saunders as part of Thrive’s CAP program, and the two spent many years meeting once per week at Naquan’s school as mentee and mentor. Both parties were from tough backgrounds and had moved to Montana, which resulted in a great deal of empathy and a long-standing, successful mentoring match. This segment will talk all about the CAP mentoring program and Thrive’s partnership with the school district.

We hope you’re able to tune in to one (or both!) of these segments!

Air times:

Thrive’s first segment will be aired on: KEMC (91.7 FM) starting on 12/13/16 at 6.30 PM, KUFM* (102.1 FM) starting 12/18/16 at 11.10 AM and KGHL (790 AM) starting on 12/18/16 at 6.05 PM

Thrive’s second segment will be aired on: KEMC (91.7FM) starting on 12/20 at 6.30 PM

*KUFM –will not air it on 12/25/16, but as a special program in January.

KEMC and KUFM syndicate the show statewide. KGHL 790 AM is a commercial radio station in Billings.


** You can also listen to the segments after they have aired on the Home Ground website **