Mentor in the Spotlight May: Kippy Sands

CAP Mentor for… 12 years!!

What CAP Coordinators say: “Kippy has been a wonderful asset to Irving School. She cares deeply about the students that she mentors and supports them in every way possible. Kippy is very dedicated to the CAP Program and truly gets to know each child and what their interests are, and builds off of that when doing activities. Her mentees are always excited to see her and to find out what she has in store for them! Thank You Kippy for your time and talent.”

What teacher’s say: “Kippy the Amazing!

Two of my first grade students have benefited from the incredible gift of Kippy Sands’ mentorship. She is a responsive CAP volunteer, willing to adjust to the needs and interest of the individual. Kippy has many skills as an educator and is able to support children in their schoolwork, when needed. One of her special qualities is challenging students to move beyond their perceived limits; she helps them see how talented and capable they really are.

In addition to her CAP students, Kippy is willing to share her knowledge and experiences with the whole class. She has traveled around the world, and children are fascinated by her stories.

I am grateful for Kippy’s continued participation in Thrive’s CAP program!”

Thank you Kippy, for your dedication to your student and community!

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