Mentor in the Spotlight March: Dan Haydon

CAP Mentor for…: 2 years

What CAP Coordinators say: “Dan – you were meant to be a mentor! I am constantly impressed with the different activities you come up with each week. I also really appreciate the fact that you never know how your activity will go over, and you are very flexible and understanding if your student does not want to do the activity you had planned. You are fine going outside and being a human jungle gym. ? We are so lucky to have dedicated, consistent mentors like you in the CAP program. Thank you for all you do!”

What teachers say: “You are always supportive of him and willing to tell him when he is making good choices, as well as, acknowledging when he needs to make different choices. You have been a wonderful match for him. Thank you for being part of his life.”

What his student’s mom says: “You are such a perfect match for him. I enjoy seeing him excited about everything you guys do together.”

Thank you, Dan, for your dedication to your student and our community!

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