Mentor in the Spotlight February: Sawyer Kesselheim

Sawyer Kesselheim Mentor in the Spotlight

CAP Mentor for…: 5 years

What CAP Coordinators say: “Sawyer, you are a fantastic mentor! Thank you for your years of volunteer hours that have made an amazing, positive impact on your student. The CAP program has such a great appreciation for all that you do!”

What the school principal says: “Thank you for your commitment to your CAP student and all things Longfellow. I know you have made a difference in his life. Keep up the amazing work.”

What teachers said: “Sawyer, you are such a great mentor who means so much in this kid’s life. Thank you for all you do and for being a part of the CAP program.”

Thank you Sawyer for your dedication to your student and our community!

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