May Mentors in the Spotlight: Ellie Van Dyke & Emilie Saunders

Ellie Van Dyke

CAP Mentor at: Chief Joseph Middle School

CAP Mentor for: 7 years!

Ellie is absolutely fabulous! She’s got such a good spirit and always comes in with a great attitude. Her student completely adores her and they have been a CAP Match for 7 years! For a Mentor who is so young, that is really, really impressive. Chief Joseph is so lucky to have Ellie!

Ellie’s CAP Student says: “Ellie is so awesome! She loves playing games with me and we always have so much fun!”

Thank you for all that you do for your CAP Student, Ellie!

Emilie Saunders

CAP Mentor at: Meadowlark Elementary

CAP Mentor since October 2017


Emilie Saunders, the Membership and Fundraising Director at Prospera Business Network, has been matched with her Meadowlark CAP Student since October 2017.

The two of them make a great team! Together they play lots of Candyland, talk, draw, and have gotten big into making collages to brighten up the CAP room. Emilie truly enjoys all of the cool and unique qualities that her CAP Student possesses and is an additional source of reliable support that her Mentee can count on.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Emilie!