May Mentor in the Spotlight: Luke McKay

CAP Mentor at Longfellow Elementary School

CAP Match for Two Years

luke mckay mentor in the spotlight photo


What his CAP student says:

“Luke, I always have a fun time when I’m with you!  Thank you for helping me a lot!”


What his CAP Coordinator says:

“Luke, congratulations on being our May CAP Mentor in the Spotlight!  You are an outstanding role model and academic support for your student.  Thank you for your consistency, positive influence, and your dedication to the CAP program.”


What the Longfellow staff say:

“Luke, you are simply amazing!  Thank you so much for all the time, effort and love you give your student!  You have no idea what a difference you are making in his life!  You are always a spotlight in his life, so thank you!”

“Luke is a great role model.  He interacts with his student in a positive and enthusiastic way that seems to build his confidence and trust. You can tell Luke thoroughly enjoys his time with his student.”