March Mentor in the Spotlight: Susan Dawson

CAP Mentor at: Morning Star Elementary

CAP Mentor for: 3 years!

Susan has been mentoring her same CAP Student for 3 years! During that time, Susan has built a close, caring, and supportive relationship with her CAP Student. Together, they have created projects such as: a birthday cake that looks like a dog (!), and storybooks complete with accompanying illustrations.

When they are not creating things, Susan and her CAP Student love to play games (often including a friend in their fun), or just talk about whatever is going on in their lives. Susan notices and truly enjoys all of the cool and unique qualities that her CAP Student possesses. Throughout their years together they have learned so much about one another — all while having an absolute blast each and every week.

When Susan’s CAP Student learned that Susan would be March’s Mentor in the Spotlight, he wanted to surprise her with the good news by popping out of a wrapped box with balloons.*

Thank you, Susan, for all that you do for your CAP Student. It truly matters.

*This is definitely a first for that kind of delivery of the Mentor in the Spotlight award 🙂