January Mentor in the Spotlight: Stewart Mohr

CAP Mentor at: Sacajawea Middle School

CAP Match for: 6 years!
“Stew is such a devoted, caring and amazing mentor! Each week he comes to his meetings with open arms and an open mind, willing to jump in wherever his student needs him. He has been known in the past to mentor an entire classroom by playing giant UNO games each week. Anyone who meets Stew is an instant friend. He is appreciated more than he knows.” -Melissa Steinhauer, CAP Coordinator at Sacajawea Middle School
“Stew, you are the best CAP mentor ever. I have known you since 3rd grade and you have been the nicest and funniest person ever! Thank you for being my mentor!”  -Max R., Stew’s CAP student
CAP Mentor in the Spotlight