January Mentor in the Spotlight 2: Krista Dicomitis

CAP Mentor at: Bozeman High School

CAP Match for: 2 years!
Krista is one of those mentors that makes a big difference in her student’s life.  She is dependable, caring, and influential.  She is always prepared for her hour with her student and makes the most of it!  Last week she even brought in her own game for the two of them to play, and it was based on values and what we as individuals find to be most important to us in life.  Krista is truly an amazing mentor and I am so happy that she is a mentor at the high school!  High school can be tough, but with someone like Krista in your life, it makes high school more enjoyable.
Her student says, “Krista is an amazing mentor and such a positive role model.  I’m so happy that she is my mentor!”
CAP Mentor Krista