January Mentor in the Spotlight: Dennis Treut

CAP Mentor for…: 4 years (!)

What CAP Coordinators say: “I am continually impressed with Dennis’ patience and abundance of support that he gives to his student.”

What teacher’s say: “Dennis has become a incredibly important part of his CAP student’s week. His student looks forward to meeting with Dennis because he can count on him “getting him”. The CAP student trusts Dennis and knows that he is being accepted for exactly who he is. What a gift in this world where kids are often expected to fit a certain mold!”

What his CAP student says: “I really like how Dennis is always smiling and giving good suggestions when I might be in a bad situation. He is very patient and very kind. I am glad that Dennis is going to continue to be my CAP so he can help me through any hard situations.”

Thank you Dennis for your dedication to your student and our community!

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