December Mentors in the Spotlight: John Backes & Judie Moor

CAP Mentor at: Hyalite

John Backes

Mentor for: 2 years!


 John has been with his CAP Student for two years. John has a long history of volunteering and working with children. Before he moved to Bozeman from Seattle he participated in Big Brothers, Big Sisters and other school-based volunteer programs.  Although John says he is retired, you would never know it. He spends his time reading, skiing (both cross country and downhill), kayaking, and hiking. John is a lifelong learner and continues to take classes and take on projects. When working with his CAP Student, John displays all the best qualities of an exceptional mentor: patience, empathy, humor, and creativity.

We are so fortunate to have John as a CAP mentor!

CAP Mentor at: Sacajawea Middle School

Judie Moor

Mentor for: 6 years!

Judie has been irreplaceable as a CAP Mentor over the last 6 years! She and her CAP pal like to play games, read Harry Potter books together, and share stories about anything and everything. Judie encourages her student to move through challenges and see the value in his individuality and immense capability. Her consistency and unconditional support have truly made a difference in her student’s life.

A note from Judie’s CAP Student to Judie.

Thank you so much for your support and commitment to the CAP Program, Judie!