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  • CAP Success Story: Jim & James

    I want you to take a moment and picture being James. James is nine years old, and he is in third grade.  He is like many children his age: let’s say his favorite book is James and Giant Peach, his favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and he has recently decided that he wants to…

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  • Partnership Success Story: Chenona and Angel

    Deciding between feeding your baby or paying your rent is a choice that no one ever imagines having to make. Yet this was exactly the position that Chenona found herself in two years ago. With no job or support system, Chenona’s unexpected pregnancy complicated a situation that already seemed impossible. Chenona couldn’t meet her own…

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  • Partnership Success Story: Jamie and Aveah

    Jamie became pregnant with her daughter Aveah when she was just fifteen. Things were not looking good for the young mother. Then she was referred to Thrive’s Partnership Project. With coaching from her Thrive Family Support Worker, Jamie accessed valuable resources: she signed up for WIC, got her driver’s license, began advancing her education, and…

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  • Partnership Success Story: Leslie and Aaliyah

    Hi, my name is Leslie. I want you to all do me a favor. Imagine me… a 17- year-old girl attending Bridger Alternative High School in Bozeman, Montana. I am having an extremely difficult time balancing school, working 30 hours a week at a job, trying to hold onto a damaged relationship with my boyfriend,…

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  • CAP Success Story: Ann & Willem

    For most of his life, Willem VanderWende has spent one hour each week with Ann Knick. Now a junior at Bozeman High School, VanderWende’s first memory is of the two playing board games together. Knick first remembers VanderWende as a quiet kid that she followed around on the playground while he checked out the four square court…

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