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  • Thrive is on Home Ground Radio with Brian Kahn

      Thrive is proud to announce that we have collaborated with Home Ground Radio, and will appear as guests on two segments of the radio show this month. Home Ground Radio is an award-winning weekly radio program broadcast across the Rocky Mountain west and hosted by Brian Kahn. Home Ground covers topics that are native to…

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  • Simmer Down: Teaching Children to Self-Calm

    Written by Hanna Doil, Thrive Parent Educator Emotional regulation is the ability to provide adequate control over emotional responses. As adults, we have learned how to effectively support and manage our emotions in a way that works for us as individuals. Going to the gym, calling a friend to vent, or going to hot yoga…

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  • Add Emotion Coaching to your Parenting Resume

    Written by Hanna Doil. Published in November 2016 edition of Montana Parent Magazine. “Children’s emotions are just as real as yours. Just because they might get sad over the color of their cup, does not make their emotion any less real.” –Rebekah Lipp How many of our children’s tears have been spilled over not getting…

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  • Helping Our Children Develop Emotional Intelligence

    Check out the Thrive article in the latest edition of Montana Parent! Written By Becky Hodgson- Parent Liaison What if you could give your child gift that would help them have healthy relationships, promote success at school, and lower their stress levels? There is. Helping our children understand emotions is the gift that keeps giving.…

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  • Healthy Sleep Habits

    by Hanna Doil, Thrive Parent Educator Healthy sleep habits are important for all of us, especially for our young children. Sleep makes happy babies, and happy babies make happy parents. Babies under 1 year of age need approximately 11-12 hours of sleep, and toddlers need about 10-11.  That’s a lot of ZZ’s! There are many…

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