Gordon Grissom: Thrive Board Spotlight

Meet Gordon Grissom! As the chair of Thrive’s Board Governance Committee, he donates his time and expertise to help the organization continue to grow. Read on to learn more about Gordon and his experience with Thrive.

Board Member Gordon Grissom smiling with his name and Bozeman School District above. Speech bubble with quote reads: My favorite spot in the area is a quiet, secluded stretch of road on my bike with a panorama of the Bridgers.

What do you love most about Thrive?

I really appreciate the partnership that Thrive has with the schools in our community. The Parent Liaisons are invaluable in supporting our students’ families and, in turn, our students. Likewise, the CAP mentors provide strong, positive role models to our students that benefit from their life experience, wisdom, and encouragement.

What inspired you to join the board?

I have been aware of the valuable work that Thrive does in our schools and community and wanted to be able to provide my own support to the organization. Additionally, I believe it is important to have the school’s perspective in the oversight of the organization.

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my wife traveling, hiking, and camping. I also enjoy biking.

What is your favorite place in the Bozeman area?

My favorite spot in the area is a quiet, secluded stretch of road on my bike with a panorama of the Bridgers.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m a fifth-generation Montana boy.

Thrive benefits greatly from the guidance of its Board of Directors. This group of highly dedicated community members helps ensure that Thrive continues to support every family with every need. Stay tuned for more Thrive Board Spotlights in the coming weeks!



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