April Thriver of the Month: Nichole Meeks

What Thrivers say about our Thriver of the month, Nichole:

 “Nichole has been such an incredible asset to the development team. She fit seamlessly from day one. Her skills are so broad that she was able to quickly fill another need on the team with her transition to grant writing. She has given so much to this organization and our team and we are forever grateful. We love you Nichole, our forever Thriver.”


“Nichole is basically my dream come true. She is dependable, self-motivating, and most of all – excellent at her job. Her understanding of the inter-workings of Thrive is a huge asset to the organization. She has taught me so much since I started, and patiently answered my three million questions – often repeatedly. Her quick wit makes me laugh on a daily basis and I absolutely love having her on our team!”

nichole meeks with thriver of the month gifts