Thrive's new building front view, with the Thrive logo sign above the front door. Large metal buiding with wood accents and large panoramic windows.

Thank you for helping us build a new Place to Thrive!

Thrive has been serving Gallatin County for over three decades, providing high quality, evidence-based and informed programming for families and children.

Before Thrive had its own building, we paid over $100,000 per year in rent and associated costs. While we made the most of our space, we were unable to host many of our programs and activities onsite. We finally have a space to welcome our community and help local families grow!

As we look to the future of Thrive, we see a demonstrated need for expanded programs and activities. We also recognize the increased demand for virtual trainings in the future. In particular, demand for our parenting classes and Parent Liaison services has increased by 25% and 20% respectively. Each year we recruit, train and screen over 600 volunteer mentors for local schools.

In Bozeman, 1 in 3 children enters kindergarten each year without reading-readiness skills. To address this need, we are expanding our developmental screenings and early childhood programming with the creation of an Early Childhood Learning Lab. Thrive’s services have always been rooted in prevention as a method to optimize outcomes for children from birth through graduation.

Thrive’s new facility reflects how we are innovating for the future to ensure all children have the opportunity to thrive!

21% with graphic of a teacher pointing to aboard in front of 3 students

parents participated in Thriving Kindergarteners, 3rd Graders, or 6th Graders classes in the fall of 2022, compared to 563 in the fall of 2021.

21% with graphic of two hands clasped together

increase in services provided to families by Parent Liaisons last year.


of Bozeman students are entering kindergarten below the literacy benchmark, showing a clear need for expanded early literacy and early childhood programming.



Our programs continue to grow with our community and local families need our services more than ever. We will leverage what we have learned about the benefits of increased access through virtual training, but we also recognize the need for additional in-person programming into the future. We have the expertise and experience to help meet the need for early childhood support with a new facility.


Now that we own our own facility, we can reinvest in our programs, ensuring we are prepared to meet the needs of families as our community grows. We will be a central hub for ANY parent with ANY need.



✔︎ Raised over $3M to fund the building purchase and renovations, including an anonymous $1.5M matching donation.

✔︎ Purchased and customized our new space to meet the needs of our community

  • Over time, we will reinvest dollars allocated for rent and associated costs into expanded, innovative programs.
  • Continue creating and enhancing our community into the future - we've been doing this for over 30 years and we're proud to finally have a permanent place to thrive!


  • Additional programmatic space
  • Centrally located to better support local families
  • On the bus route for easy access
  • Plenty of parking for expanded Thrive programming


  • Expanded classrooms to meet growing need for parenting classes
  • Early Childhood Learning Lab to make sure kids are entering school ready to learn
  • Screening stations to ensure kids are developmentally on track
  • More efficient layout of office space/flexible meeting spaces for families
  • Additional space for basic needs storage for families like diapers, clothing, baby equipment & activity kits
  • Expanded parking creates easier access for parents and staff

Check out our campaign video!