Family Engagement

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There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a layout.

  • Choose a primary color. Choose a single color that will be your primary color. In this example we've gone with a bright blue. Most all of the other colors on the page are variants/shades of this primary color. Limiting the number of colors helps keep the page from being too visually overwhelming.
  • Keep information easy to scan quickly. This means using the appropriate layout elements for the information you want to convey. Use clear headlines and when appropriate attach a call to action that helps the user move between pages of the site.
  • One topic per page. Except on pages that are intentionally an overview of a topic, you should try to present only information that is related in some way. Link users to additional pages as needed.

Use light sections to highlight information


Live, Love, Laugh

Use big, bold imagery and motion to grab attention wherever it's needed.