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  • Thriving Thirds - Emily Dickinson

    Thriving Thirds – Emily Dickinson

    Third grade is an exciting transition year. Students are in the second half of elementary school where class sizes increase and students gain more independence. They are reading to learn instead of learning to read and there are higher expectations for behavior and academics. Join your Emily Dickinson Thrive Parent Liaison, school staff, and other…

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  • thriving parents flyer

    Thriving Parents: Parenting the Love & Logic® Way @ Meadowlark

    Join Thrive’s Meadowlark, Hyalite & Emily Dickinson Parent Liaisons and other local parents for a 5-week course giving parents the opportunity to learn practical skills to use in their homes right away for issues like: improving communication, ending power struggles, and using empathy to build a stronger relationship with your child. The Thriving Parents: Parenting the…

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