Secretary of State Clinton: Empower Girls and Women

Published December 13, 2010

 How are women and girls reshaping the future? The first-ever TEDWomen invites men and women to explore this question in depth.  Girls for a Change was glad to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussing the topic of ‘Empowering Girls and Women’ at the TEDWomen conference in Washington D.C. This conference was full of inspiring speakers both men and women.  Check out the  full program here:

“Let women work and they drive economic growth across all sectors. Send a girl to school even just for one year and her income dramatically increases for life, and her children are more likely to survive and her family more likely to be healthier for years to come. Give women equal rights and entire nations are more stable and secure. Deny women equal rights and the instability of nations is almost certain.”

Check out the video of her speech below.

Hillary Clinton at TEDWomen Conference

One Comment

  1. SaharahEve

    I’ve heard a few people with a gripe against men not receiving nearly as much attention for their issues as women.

    How many nations in the world support a matriarchal government/religion which
    systematically represses the male sex by limiting access to monetary and social freedom? The answer is 0. The same cannot be said the other way around, however. While women have come a long way in the
    Western world, there is still work to do for women and young girls across the globe.

    It’s unfortunate they can’t get over the polarizing affect of Ms. Clinton and focus on the message itself; no one with a brain can deny it has merit. – Saharah Eve

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