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Imagine being a 7 year old.

You are learning about reading, math and the world around you. Your biggest concerns are who you are playing with at recess and what is on the menu for school lunch.

Now imagine you can't hear the world that surrounds you. 

This is where Peter found himself in 1st grade. He was continually getting frustrated in class, acting out, and struggling to connect at school. The majority of his interactions with adults in the school environment revolved around managing the issues surrounding his hearing loss: advocating for accommodations, troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, asking for clarification, and navigating difficult listening environments. He had a transmitter the teacher used that connected to his hearing aids, but the background noise of the classroom made it impossible for him. Peter was at risk of school failure. 

In 1st grade Peter found a SUPERHERO named Sharon through Thrive's CAP Program who, over the course of their 11 year friendship, changed the course of his life. 

Our community depends on all kinds of superheros to ensure kids succeed at school, at home, and in life.

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