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  • April Mentor in the Spotlight: Wyatt Frank

    CAP Mentor at: Bozeman High School Wyatt Frank Mentor for: 1 year!   This is Wyatt’s first year mentoring and we are so lucky to have him as a CAP Mentor.  Wyatt is one of the most caring people his CAP Coordinator has ever met! He is an amazing Mentor and always shows up to…

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  • March Mentors in the Spotlight: Chloe Blevins & Tyler Kern

    CAP Mentor at: Emily Dickinson Elementary Chloe Blevins Mentor for: 2 years!   Chloe is truly a valuable asset to the CAP program, and someone that the both the school staff and her CAP Student depend on. Chloe is honest, incredibly hard-working, and does not shy away from a challenge. Beyond that, she is an…

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  • February Mentors in the Spotlight: Allison Banfield & Cori Huttinga

    CAP Mentors at: Irving Elementary Allison Banfield Mentor for: 9 Years!   Allison Banfield has been a CAP mentor for nine school years! Allison became a CAP Mentor because she likes kids and was curious about what was happening in the schools since her own son was older and no longer school-aged. She has mainly…

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  • January Mentor in the Spotlight: Lena Johnson

    CAP Mentor at: Hyalite Elementary CAP Mentor for: 2 years! Lena first started as a CAP Mentor during her time in graduate school at MSU. Upon graduation, Lena moved away from Bozeman for awhile, but once she returned, Lena began mentoring again. Lena has been with her current CAP Student for about a year. Lena…

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  • December Mentors in the Spotlight: Steve & Anna Neff

    CAP Mentors at: Longfellow Elementary CAP Mentors for: 2 years!       Husband and wife CAP Mentor duo, Steve and Anna Neff, have each been mentoring a Longfellow student for the past 2 years. Each and every week, Steve and Anna go above and beyond in their creative activities and assistance as CAP Mentors.…

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