Alex McGee: Thrive Board Spotlight

Meet Alex McGee! After volunteering with Thrive as a CAP mentor and more since 2014, we are now fortunate to have her as a member of our Board of Directors. Read on to learn more about Alex!

Alex McGee, Thrive Board Member, Billings Clinic

How long have you been on the board for Thrive?

I’ve been on the BOD since January 2022, but I’ve been involved with Thrive in a volunteer capacity through CAP and other committees since 2014.

What do you love most about Thrive?

The impact it has on our community. I have seen first-hand the various ways that Thrive moves this community forward through the amazing support of families and children in Bozeman and beyond. On top of that, the team is second to none. A few of the women at Thrive are some of the first relationships I had in this town, they are what made it feel like home to me when I didn’t know many people. It’s an honor to support them and learn from them, and all with the common goal of providing families with the resources, tools, and support to raise healthy, successful children.

What inspired you to join the board?

Being a long-time supporter, ambassador and volunteer of the organization, it just felt like the next logical step. I’ve gained so much from Thrive over the years and the opportunity to support the organization formally, in another capacity, while learning new things seemed like a no brainer. I’m thrilled and grateful to have been voted onto the BOD.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to spend time enjoying all that Montana has to offer with my family. Riding horses, hiking and trail-running, floating the river and more. We also have a plethora of animals that we love to take care of, observe and play with! Right now, we have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, a turkey and (soon) horses.

What is your favorite place in the Bozeman area?

Being on the Bridger Ridge never gets old to me – it’s one of my favorite spots in the world and I can’t wait for my kids to get up there for the first time. I also love enjoying a margarita at Nina’s or sushi from Dave’s. My new spot is Bourbon – I love a good plate of their bbq nachos and a local light beer. We just have so may delicious places to eat in this town and they are run by such giving, community-minded folks. I feel lucky to be a part of this town.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I suppose many people may not know that I majored in Japanese, I won a jump-rope contest in elementary school, and I can still name all of the presidents of the USA.


Thrive benefits greatly from the guidance of its Board of Directors. Stay tuned for more Thrive Board Spotlights in the coming weeks!



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