Northside Speak Easy

Nov. 3rd, 2016 @ Faultline North

The 2016 Northside Speakeasy raised over $11,000 for Thrive- thanks for making this event a success! For more information about the Speakeasy or ways to get involved, please contact our Events and Business Partnerships Manager, Brittany Eilers at

Thanks for supporting Thrive at our 2nd annual Whiskey Fundraiser!

Sip for a Cause


Featured Whiskeys

High West Rendezvous Straight Rye Whiskey

  • Nose: A big 'ole nose of cinnamon stick, clove, vanilla, peppermint, and burned sugar is freshened up with crisp Green Apple
  • Taste: Very spicy, with cinnamon, crisp mint and fennel. Underlying sweet notes of caramel, molasses, vanilla, macaroon, cocoa, and candied fruit.
  • Finish: The finish takes hold with huge rye spice, cinnamon, mint, and vanilla and it lingers for ages.

Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

  • Nose: Hints of peppermint, malt, sweet barley, sugary porridge, creamy vanilla, papaya and citrus.
  • Palate: Spicy and soft, gentle bourbon oak, green woods, menthol, potpourri.
  • Finish: Creamy, long finish, vanilla.

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Nose: The aroma carries lightly toasted oak, with dried figs and butterscotch.
  • Palate: One sip brings flavors of sweetness balanced with tobacco and dark spices.
  • Finish: Just long enough to prepare the palette for another sip.

Booker’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Nose: Robust vanilla and caramel notes; slightly smoky.
  • Palate: Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak.
  • Finish: Long and full; perfect for easygoing sipping.

RoughStock Single Barrel Montana Straight Bourbon Copper Edition Whiskey

  • Nose: Nutty, sweet earthy with hints of caramel.
  • Palate: Bold spices compliment the barrel strength, with toffee notes.
  • Finish: Long finish with tobacco and leather.

*This is an exclusive whiskey that is only available at the Copper Whiskey Bar (and our Northside Speakeasy!)*

Photographic Evidence

Last year's event at the Gallatin History Museum was a smashing success. We're hoping you'll join us for an even bigger and better whiskey tasting this year. 

The Venue

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