Dynamite Dads

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Hear what the dads have to say!

Dynamite Dads, an event organized by the Parent Place, is a chance for dads, uncles, grandparents, or any male role model to spend quality time with the child they adore! This event is free of charge and dinner is provided (plus has the added benefit of giving mom a night off!).

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Past Activities Include

  • Fishing at Bozeman Ponds
  • Potting Plants at Cashman’s Nursery
  • Downtown Scavenger Hunt with Downtown Business Association
  • Building with Kenyon Noble
  • Fire Station Tour
  • Pumpkin Patch at Rocky Creek Farm



  • Different place each month!

Day and Time

  • Third Wednesday of each month from 6:00pm-7:30pm

This event has been wildly successful and is rapidly growing since it’s inception in 2003.

The goal of Dynamite Dads is to:

  • Strengthen families and the father-child bond
  • Improve quality of life for fathers and children by teaching and modeling problem solving and communication skills that increase attachment and bonding
  • Improve fathers’ understanding of social-emotional needs of children through social activities
  • Promote fathering/parenting skills that ensure healthy development
  • Increase families’ support networks,  thereby reducing isolation
  • Increase opportunities for fun, healthy father-child activities20140716_109_Thrive-Dynamite DadsIMG_9007