About Us

Giving every child an opportunity to succeed and grow to become a valuable member of our community and the world.

strong families + successful children = our thriving community

Thrive is a community-based organization established in 1986. At the heart of Thrive lies a preventative, strength-based, empowerment model of working with parents and children. We provide families with the resources, tools, and support to raise healthy, successful children. Our programs have been developed using evidence-based practices, adapted to meet local community needs, and rigorously evaluated to ensure program efficacy. Thrive has developed critical community partnerships built on sharing design, implementation, management, evaluation, financial resources, and responsibilities for programs. This approach, which has the success of the child at its center, results in the highest quality services, maximizes scarce resources, and has a powerful impact on outcomes for children.


Thrive’s five programs are designed around our core beliefs:

  • The road to success begins in the earliest years with children who are born healthy and  raised in stable, safe and nurturing families.
  • Healthy child development is the foundation for community and economic development.
  • Creating the right conditions for early growth and development are more effective and less costly than addressing problems that develop later.
  • Children live in the context of their families, and services are most effective when they focus on the entire family rather than the child alone.
  • We can best create positive outcomes for children when systems, organizations and communities work collaboratively to support families and children.
  • When families are strong, children are successful and communities thrive.
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